A Grain In Cornfield

I finally watched movie Interstellar this weekend and let me summarize my feelings after the movie ended in 3 words: UTTERLY MIND BLOWING!!

Spoiler free post this is, so you can read it without any worries 🙂

I honestly say that this movie is one the best science fiction movies I have seen so far. All major and even minor aspects of this film are so mesmerizing that you won’t be able to leave your seat from start till the end. The story is based on proven scientific theories about distant space travel and this is the main point where Interstellar shines brightest among other science fiction movies.

Personal fact: whenever I’m watching a movie, I don’t want to be disturbed and I rarely hit the pause button. But while I was watching Interstellar, I had to hit the pause button for this particular frame:

Scene from Interstellar
Passing Saturn – Scene from Interstellar

This is Saturn, 6th planet of our solar system. For a brief moment, I wondered what my reaction would be if I see Saturn from a spaceship? If that happens, I will not just stop at Saturn. I would love to see all other planets then. But I know that I can’t, so have to rely on Hollywood to take me to the uncharted territories of space. But please do imagine this in your mind: gazing at all those distant giant planets right in front of your eyes would be the treat of a lifetime if you have a with vivid mind. How would you react? I don’t know. I bet even you won’t be able to think about anything else then, I’m sure.

Sometimes I look at the clear night sky and wonder what if everyone in my city or my country or even the whole world look above their heads at the same time and ask themselves what is our value in this universe? Have you ever thought about this?

This universe is so freaking big. Look at this picture of our solar system, all planets shown here are to scale.

Solar System

Look at Earth, that is where you are right now. You are reading this blog sitting on that tiny 3rd rock from the sun. Notice how mega-giant Jupiter and Saturn are as compared to Earth. They are so huge and yet no on has ever stepped on them. We have only seen their pictures as taken by space probes or telescopes. How much amazing would that be if a human spaceship flies near them and those people on-board look at those giants with utmost wonder.

Did you ever imagine yourself walking on Mars or on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn? You may have heard about robotic rovers being landed on Mars for scientific research but how amazing it will be if humans stepped on Mars for the very 1st time. Watching that moment live on TV screen would definitely made me feel as if I’m stepping there myself. Space agencies are working round the clock to make that dream possible.

Exploring Other Worlds
Exploring Other Worlds

You might ask what about our Earth, this is our home and this is where we belong. Yes, Earth is so much beautiful and it supports life but this doesn’t mean that we can’t explore other worlds. Exploration is a vital part of human DNA. Every single achievement that has benefited mankind is the result of a long and enduring exploration. To search for new possibilities, to understand the unknown, to take a step further, to pole your flag on that sky high mountain, to dive in the darkest depths, this and more is only possible through exploration.

You may not consider this but you and I both are part of this universe, though our position is just like a grain in vast cornfield. Don’t you agree that we have wasted centuries of valuable time and hardest of efforts on our own destruction. The very technology we should have used for going beyond this world is still in use for destructive purposes. This might be because we have not fully utilize our position in this vast universe correctly.

Take a deep breath and look into this picture (click here to open it in a new window). This pictures clearly shows our position in this universe and to be honest with you, if there is another intelligent life form out there in the deepest corner of universe, then for them, we just simply do not exist.

Back to Interstellar, I strongly recommend you to watch it. Sometimes your mind needs to be shaken up and this film does the job perfectly.

5 thoughts on “A Grain In Cornfield

    • Hammad Rais December 17, 2015 / 1:40 PM

      Thank you for sharing your post here. I actually didn’t wrote about Interstellar. After watching it, many thoughts flooded my mind and I shared them up here.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. jessemartineau April 11, 2015 / 1:22 AM

    Great post my friend! I loved the movie, bought it and i say it IS the best sci-fi of all time! I will need to write a review of this as well!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hammad Rais April 11, 2015 / 12:16 PM

      Thanks for checking the post, Jesse!!
      Worlds beyond our world always fascinates me and this is main reason behind this post


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