No to Milk, Yes to Water

This happened last night!

No to Milk, Yes to Water

My sleepy eyes opened after 3:20 AM by sound of Uzair’s cry, my soon-to-be 2 year old son. This is normal these days for me and Jia, my wife, as he wakes up in the middle of night for milk and he goes back to sleep after drinking it. But Uzair didn’t followed this normal routine last night.

After Jia prepared his feeding bottle with warm milk, just the way he likes it, he refused to take it and demanded water instead. Jia and I both were unable to understand why in the world he want water instead of milk at 3:30 AM. I then sat up on bed and placed Uzair on my lap. I showed him up his milk bottle and told him to drink it but he kept on saying “mum” which means water. I looked at him and he looked back at me. Jia told me to give him water as she went back to sleep. I sensed anger in her tone as one time milk feed for Uzair was about to go waste. I tried one last time but Uzair just sealed up his lips. I then gave up and handed him his water mug. He emptied his water mug and I placed him back on the bed. He went back to sleep after few minutes but I was unable to.

I thought why in the world Uzair said no for milk and instead asked for water. The logical reason behind this can be he was just feeling thirsty, not hungry at that time. With average temperature of 38°C, weather in Karachi these days is pretty hot. Uzair sweats a lot and is consuming high amount of water daily. He loves to play in water for hours and cries out loud if his bath time is cut short.

So, Uzair saying no to milk and drinking water instead made me realized that sometimes you have to let give what others want, even if you think that they are making a bad choice. They might be but this is how they will learn the lesson themselves. Many times I have yelled over Uzair not to touch this or step into that. Like few days ago, he turned on the kitchen stove and ended up receiving a high level warning from Jia. But truth is, he is growing. His mind is growing and accepting all sorts of new data. So in the process, he is trying out new things. Some of them are straight forward dangerous while some are just full of cuteness.

During the day Jia watches him over. After returning home from office, I take over. We usually don’t let him have whatever he asks for but sometimes we let him. And those days are approaching fast when he will make decisions on his own. He will decide himself what is best for him and I will guide him up. Those decisions will be much bigger than a milk bottle vs a water mug.


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2 thoughts on “No to Milk, Yes to Water

  1. Umair Khalid June 2, 2015 / 10:07 AM

    Guess what, my both sons have milk feeder in one hand and water feeder in another, they drink simultaneously 😀

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