3 Days of Heat

My last post was a guest one titled Guest Post: Mad Dogs and Englishmen. I posted it up on Friday June 19th and came up with ideas for some weekend posts. 

Friday also marked the start of Ramadan in Pakistan, so I went home from work with great feeling about having a nice Iftar with my family. I did enjoyed a great Iftar meal with my whole family on the 1st day.


Next day, Saturday June 20th 2015, was the most hot day in the history of Karachi. A 45°C temperature day from sunrise till sunset broke the 10 year record. Every single person out of around 12 million population of Karachi suffered this massive heat stroke.

Me and my family stayed indoors mostly but heatwave was so intense, even our rooms were baking up. On top of all this, we took a 15 hours Fast as per Ramadan trend on that very same day. It was a real test of our nerves. My mother immediately imposed ban on all traditional Iftar meals and issued order of consuming fresh fruits, juices, water and dates only.

Mercury did went down a bit on Sunday 21st June but it wasn’t much. Heatwave engulfed entire city second day on a row and claimed more lives. I spent my entire weekend inside home which was the safest thing. But even being safe inside, I was feeling so not myself. I was unable to open up my laptop at all or even didn’t read the whole Sunday newspaper.

On the afternoon of Monday 22nd June, drizzling finally took place in some parts of the city (including my town) and weather got bit cooler. I prayed to ALMIGHTY ALLAH for this to happen and HE listened to me.

So, now I’m thinking whether posting that Guest Post: Mad Dogs and Englishmen was ironic or just the unexpected perfect timing.

Any thoughts??

More reading on the recent heatwave of Karachi

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