Prisoner No. 307

Prisoner No. 307

How should I explain the reason behind my 2 month absence?

Prisoner No 307

I lasted posted on 17th July 2015 (read that post here). Back then, I was unable to check posts by so many great people due to so many factors (home, family, office, Ramadan). The super heated summer of Karachi also played a huge part in making me more lazy to even turn on my laptop, even during the weekends (wrote a special post about it, click here to read it).

As soon as summer ended up and I re-joined my office after Eid holidays, I promised myself to get back in the game as my mind was longing to do what I like to do. But alas!! It was not meant to be!!

Few months ago, I talked about how an office project turned me into a volcano (read it here) and how I cooled myself down, so that I won’t erupt on the world around me (read that post here). But now I consider that volcano was like a boulder in front of Mount Everest.

The Mount Everest I scaled recently was a new office project that started in early August and ended up by the end of September. During those 2 months I was unable to check out not only this blog but all other social sites. My connection with the world got terminated as I spent almost every weekday from 8 AM to 5:30 PM like a prisoner, waiting to get my freedom from the confinements of corporate world (hence the picture above and title). I literally considered my mind as a desert, filled with unmeasurable fields of sand dunes.

I hated every second I spent on that project as it made me felt like a machine more than human. A machine designed only to receive and obey all the instructions feed into it. The world around me seemed empty as I was unable to see and understand the true meaning of life. I dreamed so many times about escaping to a place where my mind can think on its own.

And so, I dug up an escape hole in that very prison I was locked up in!!

10 Gadget Lane

To free my mind from the clutches of office workload and be able to think on my own, I created a new blog: 10 Gadget Lane. I decided to create an entirely new blog instead of returning back to my personal blog because of those sand dunes in my desert-turned-mind. I was out of ideas, unable to think beyond that project and totally not in my senses during past 2 months. This new blog gave me a ray of hope as it not only helped me get back into the world of blogging but also polished up my skills in another branch of Content Writing, Copywriting.

And this is how I let myself do something what I love to do and saved from a very long imprisonment. An imprisonment of mind which is the most brutal one.

P.S. 307 is my employee code

2 thoughts on “Prisoner No. 307

  1. Liberal Soul October 7, 2015 / 7:36 PM

    Do the work you love. Then work is not work but it becomes a hobby. Will. Chec out the new blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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