5 Essential Tips For Shopping In Karachi’s Supermarket

5 Essential Tips For Shopping In Karachi’s Supermarket

Supermarkets are great place. You will find whatever you need under one roof, which is both convenient and smart. Like rest of the world, Karachi now also has some great supermarkets in different parts of the city. In fact, number of supermarkets have increased substantially in past 5 years (Check this list for some major supermarkets of Karachi).

Karachi Supermarket

Not just limited to posh areas of Karachi, different supermarkets are providing services in almost all major areas of city. They are attracting customers attention by offering low prices and better services.

Last Saturday not only me but my mother learned a few valuable tips regarding shopping in one such supermarket of Karachi, especially when both of us went there for the very first time and we took 2 kids with us too.

So here are the 5 things I learned on that trip which was full of not only sweat but also some really tense moments:

1. Don’t leave home without a shopping list:

Write all the things you need from supermarket, either on paper or use your smartphone (Check these grocery apps for Android and iOS). Whether you want to buy items for tonight’s dinner or a week’s supply, writing them up will put your mind at ease in supermarket for hassle free shopping.

shopping listMistake I made: I memorized all the things I needed before I left home instead of writing them down. My mother did the same and we panicked a bit in the supermarket.

2. Know the operating hours:

Operating hours of a supermarket you are going to may not be those what you think they are. Better know about them before leaving home. If you found out about that new supermarket from a friend or relative, ask them up about the operating hours.we are openMistake I made: My mother and I both assumed that supermarket will open after 10 AM. We reached there at 10:35 AM, only to find closed gates and a long waiting line. Upon reading the notice board, it dawned on us that supermarket will open at 11 AM. Bummer!!

3. Leave the kids at home:

I know how much kids love to go shopping but frankly speaking, if you are going to a new place for shopping, leaving them at home will be the best choice. Your kid may obey you in the home but outside home, its a total different environment for him/her, so their reaction will not be the same. If an adult is available at home and willing to watch them over while you go, then leave kids with him/her. Some supermarkets have playing area for kids, so if that new supermarket got one of those, take your kids with you.

shopping cart with kidsMistake I made: My mother and I took my son, Uzair, along with my nephew Abdullah. Uzair is a toddler while Abdullah is a preschooler. I placed them up in the shopping cart as supermarket kept on jam packing by every passing minute. There was no playing area for kids in that supermarket and both of them got exhausted by sitting in that cart for so long.

4. Stay in touch:

If you are going with someone and both of you have different shopping lists, make sure both persons take their  cellphone/smartphone with them. I know it seems strange these days if someone tells you that they didn’t picked their phone before leaving home. But trust me, such people do exists. My parents are the prime example.

communicationMistake I made: This is exactly what happened. I took my phone with me while my mother didn’t picked hers before we left home. And yes, both of us had different shopping lists too. So for about good 15 minutes or so, I panicked in the basement of supermarket with 2 kids and my purchased items in a shopping cart while my mother was on the 1st floor, doing her shopping. Now I’m seriously considering to buy these: The Best Walkie Talkies.

5. Beware the Weekend:

Yes, I know the entire world loves the very thought of an enjoyable weekend with family. Karachi is the one of those cities where life goes full throttle on weekends. Whether its a trip to an amusement park, a family fun fair or dining out in food street, people of Karachi always finds a way to have a nice weekend for themselves.

And shopping is probably the #1 activity in Karachi during a weekend. Whether it’s a supermarket or a mega shopping mall, if you are at any one such place, you will definitely feel that entire Karachi is out for shopping.

Plan accordingly and properly for any shopping activity during the weekend because during the operating hours of a supermarket in Karachi, there is no isle with no people.

weekend crowdSo keep these tips in mind before you go out for shopping this weekend or the next. Shopping has become kind of like an essential family activity for people of Karachi, so enjoy the family time together but not without these tips. Happy Shopping !!

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