A Fridge Note

The fridge in my office canteen malfunctioned few days ago. A note was placed on its door:

Fridge Note

Apparently, word “LUNCH” was written on the note but someone gave others a “fill in the blank” opportunity for humorous responses.

At first, some really naughty replies came to my mind but then I realized that how “cool” it would be if a fridge can be used for the following items also, beside food and drinks:

  • worries
  • tensions
  • dreams
  • hopes
  • wishes
  • liabilities
  • memories
  • emotions
  • thoughts
  • desires

But sadly, there is no fridge in the world currently, which can store and cool all above mentioned. We have to do it ourselves.

We store all these “items” inside us. Sometimes, we forget about them while sometime we check them up every day.

Some “items” cross their expiry date without ever being utilized. All in all, the fridge inside us is one hell of an equipment.

Keep your fridge clean and running!

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