Change of Flavor


Scene #1

Date: November 9th, 2015

Time: 10:30 PM

After Jia put on sleeping pajamas over Uzair, he received the signal that it is time for bed. So as per everyday routine, he stormed out of room and ran towards his grandmother in other room where she was watching TV. I was feeling sleepy myself but ran after him anyway.

Uzair love this “cat & mouse” routine very much every night. After I grabbed him in my arms, he started the chant of No while laughing with all the power he had. For him, this is an ultimate fun. Once he was back in his room, it was time for him to drink his milk before sleep. Jia had already prepared it up, so I placed Uzair on his pillow and gave him his milk bottle. Uzair grabbed it up and started to drink.

As soon as first drop of milk landed on Uzair’s tongue, he realized something is wrong.

He took the bottle out of his mouth and said there is something in it. I assured him that there is nothing in bottle except milk but he didn’t got convinced. He refused to drink milk at all. I made several attempts but he sealed up his lips, while constantly chanting no. Jia also tried her best but to no avail. This was very unusual as Uzair normally drinks up his milk all by himself before sleep. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with him. I was then informed by Jia that instead of mixing Rice flavored Cerelac in Uzair’s milk today, she mixed it up with a brand new Wheat+Fruits flavored Cerelac. I purchased couple of boxes of those new Cerelac’s last weekend as Jia asked me for it. She thought that changing the flavor will be good for Uzair now.

But Uzair rejected that new flavor completely. He fell asleep with an empty stomach as Jia decided to feed him later in his sleep. Uzair drinks milk also early in the morning while still sleeping, so repeating that sequence earlier will not be an issue. That’s what Jia & I thought.

Scene #2

Date: November 10th, 2015

Time: 12:45 AM

Till 12:35 AM, I was still awake, checking this week’s Community Pool. Both Jia & Uzair were sleeping soundly. I turned off my laptop and decided to hit the bed. Before doing so, I remembered that Uzair is sleeping with an empty stomach. So I grabbed his milk bottle and sat next to him. The milk was same: Nido +1 mixed with Wheat+3-Fruits Cerelac. I carefully placed the bottle’s nipple over Uzair’s lips and gently pushed it inside while constantly thinking not to wake him up. Uzair started to suck up the milk and I assured myself that he has finally accepted the new flavor.

But that feeling only lasted for about 2 seconds as once again, Uzair pushed milk bottle out from his mouth and started to cry. Jia woke up and I explained the scene to her. She then got annoyed over Uzair for his act. Uzair kept on crying for a minute with a sealed mouth. Jia grabbed the milk bottle from me and prepared a new bottle of milk with no cerelac. Uzair was so pissed off from that new flavored milk he didn’t opened up his mouth for the fresh bottle his mother had just prepared it. Both Jia and I assured him that this is not the new milk but he didn’t listened to us and kept on crying.

Clock was showing 12:50 AM and my eyes were getting heavy. It was time for now or never. With a little use of soft force, Uzair finally opened his mouth and finished up his milk bottle. A big sigh of relief that was for me. I put him back to sleep and finally hit the bed myself.

After almost 12+ hours now, the reaction shown by Uzair once again made me realized the uniqueness of his taste buds. Unlike his cousins, who love to eat whatever is present in front of them, Uzair only eats if he wants to. Like yesterday, I was eating a banana and he was playing next to me on bed. I offered him one multiple times but his reply was No every single time. After 10 minutes, I asked him again and he said yes.

Sweet child of mine!!


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