Dear Mr. Peter Jackson

Dear Mr. Peter Jackson,

This morning when I read in The Guardian (click here for that article) about the obstacles you and your team faced while making The Hobbit trilogy, and the response given back by the audiences on your finished product, I realized that the world only demand the best output from the worst input.


I saw the news back in 2010 when you decided to direct the trilogy, after Guillermo Del Toro (a great movie maker and obviously a very good friend of yours) parted ways. You were like the replacement captain of a giant incomplete ship, whose former captain was unable to steer it up and abandoned it. An incomplete ship which must reach its destination on time, what should the new captain do to accomplish this task?

You and your team faced enormous challenges while making those films, with whatever you got in your hands, people around the world, especially the fans of J.R.R. Tolkien‘s works, created an image in their minds that this new adventure of The Middle Earth will be as spectacular as The Lord of the Rings trilogy. You knew about it and respected that image from the bottom of your heart. Because of this, you decided to steer this ship, despite all the flaws it carried.

You and your team worked round the clock, against the odds to show us a world. An unknown world where a small act of courage can change many lives, despite all the fears and darkness. A world where an ordinary person can do things he never imagined even in his wildest dreams. Where friendship is more valuable than entire riches of the world. Where standing united against darkness is the grandest of all.

Sadly, the world didn’t returned the favor back duly for all the hard work, dedication, enthusiasm put in the making of The Hobbit trilogy by you and your team. The world is still talking about countless dislikes they pointed out in The Hobbit trilogy. I can’t shut them up. You can’t shut them up. Heck, not a soul on earth can shut the world up. Which is why, the world will keep on criticizing all your effort in every imaginable way possible.

But hear me out: I Love The Hobbit trilogy, as much as I Love Lord of the Rings trilogy!!

Whenever any movie of these two trilogies are shown on TV, I watch them. I own the digital copies of both entire trilogies and I’m very much proud of them. I don’t care about the world who loves one series but hates the other, just because it didn’t live up to its expectations. I love both of them as they are as spectacular. I love the characters you bought to life on silver screen. I love the adventures they took, all the battles they fought, I love all of it.

Some day, I will take my son to The Middle Earth (not now as he is just two and half years old). For us father and son, exploring Middle Earth together is something I can’t describe in words.

And for this Mr. Peter Jackson, I’m truly thankful!


Hammad Rais

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Peter Jackson

    • Hammad Rais November 21, 2015 / 4:12 PM

      Me too! And like I said, it will be a great adventure when I visit it again with my son!!

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