Karachi International Book Fair 2015

Last Friday, I went to the annual Karachi International Book Fair 2015.


What’s so special about attending a book fair?

Well, there are couple of reasons:

1. I had never attended the book fair of my city earlier, so it was heavily due on me. The billboard about the book fair kept reminding me to pay that due.
2. Last Friday was a fully loaded day for me in office and my mind begged me to provide it up with some freshness.
3. Also, I didn’t stepped inside the Expo Center for quite sometime, it was also due on me. (I’m talking here about that feeling you get when you visit a place after a long long time)

So, after leaving office that day, I went to Expo Center. I had such a great time and I patted myself for visiting this book fair. Seriously, this was something I hadn’t experience before and I loved every bit of it. My mind got fresh and I felt great!

And of course, I saw books. Lots and lots of books, of all types. Fiction, biography, history, travel, politics, education, journalism, literature, art, children, poetry, art, science and all other types I can’t think of right now or had no idea they existed, were in the book fair. It was really a great experience for me and I have decided to share it with you also.







All 3 halls of Expo Center were packed with people of all ages. Young or old, book lover or not, citizens of Karachi really showed me that they equally love both Kitab (Urdu word for Book) and Kebab (you know what it is, right?)






There were countless racks, setup by even countless number of book publishers in various stalls across all 3 halls. Literally speaking, I have never seen so many books in my life before.


Religious books





There were so so many publishers for children books only. They attracted most of the crowd



Urdu translations of some international best-sellers




All-time classics were also there


Want to break some records?


A mixed collection


That’s it for now!!

To be continued……

7 thoughts on “Karachi International Book Fair 2015

  1. thehiddenprestige November 23, 2015 / 1:32 PM

    I did love to go there one day!!
    Although I come from Karachi, I live abroad and so I haven’t been to a lot of places but this is a must go place….😃

    Liked by 1 person

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