A Different Angle

Seeing something from a different angle gives you a totally new perspective.

That angle opens another window (or door, if you prefer) to whole new possibilities and options you may never have considered earlier. You can achieve seemingly impossible goals in no time.

little one 1

All you have to do is to take another look from a different angle.

Like I took these shots of Uzair’s washed laundry from below, just to have a new view on something normal.

little one 5

little one 3

Upon seeing these clothes from below makes me think how come we humans can’t remove certain dirt or stain from our inner selves, despite bathing daily and keeping our outer layer loaded up with all those so called body vitalizing products.

Those stains & dirt marks on our inner selves are the ones that darkens our personality very deeply.


Added for RDP Saturday: Angle



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