Can I Have Them All?

Uzair (my son) is pretty fond of toy cars. His toy collection mostly consists of all sorts of cars and he loves to play with all day long. You can check this post about those cars.

These pictures gives you an idea about how much he loves toy cars:



Seems like he can’t make up his mind over which one to pick. Should I grab the the most coolest or should I get them all.

As far as I can tell, he want them all!!

But if I buy all those toy cars for him, then my image in his little mind would be of a person who fulfills all the wishes he can think of. This is part right, part wrong as when he grows up, that image of mine will also grow and so will the requests.

There will be times when I might not be able to fulfill his need, whether it’s a toy car or something much bigger. I can’t picture it up in my mind how will Uzair reacts if this happens.

Like all those other fathers in the world, I also want to give Uzair the best and I’m doing whatever I can in my power to give him something that makes him happy. And believe me, I feel more happy than Uzair himself whenever he plays with his toys.

But showering Uzair with all my love and taking care of all his needs doesn’t mean that I must give him all that he wants, without understanding the consequences. There are certain boundaries, some rules that must be followed in parenting and I’m obeying them up.


These guidelines have bonded the father-son relationship between me and Uzair much more stronger. The more stronger this bond gets, the more understanding we develop for each other.


P.S. I took Uzair to another shop and bought him a toy car from there. He loved it very much and still plays with it.

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