Few Black Quotes

Yes, black quotes! Everyday, all of us read inspirational and motivational quotes that lifts up our spirit and gives us a purpose to bring joy, laughter, hope, excitement, dream and so much more in our lives. I do like such quotes too and try to make them part of my life.

But then there are black quotes, which can be termed as opposite of all those inspirational/motivational quotes. These black quotes gives us a glimpse of what is actually happening in the very world we are living but might not be seeing.

black quotes

I enjoy reading such quotes by Hassan Nisar, a noted Pakistani journalist, columnist and analyst. From time to time, he shares quotes of such nature that makes me realize the truth behind fiction. The reality behind drama. The pain behind a smile.

Hasaan Nisar calls such quotes as Black Quotes and I would like to share some with you. Since he writes them in Urdu, I have translated them up in English. Read them out and think:

  • If a mirror is dirty, then your reflection will be dirty.
  • We write warnings on cigarette packs about them being ingenious to health. Why such warnings are not written on weapons of mass destruction.
  • No worldly fire brigade can put down Hell’s fire. But you can easily put it down with tears of attrition.
  • You can’t hear your own snoring.
  • Many robots are controlled by the remotes of either fear or greediness.
  • The only winner in an atomic war is an atomic weapon.
  • Hitting a stone with another stone is easy but placing them up on top of each other is hard.
  • Sun never actually sets.
  • Somewhere human eats bread. And somewhere bread eats human.
  • A grave can only hold a dead body and a lively character.


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