The Sapphire Of Pakistan

Neelum (also written as Neelam) is the Urdu word for Sapphire, one of the most precious and valuable blue gemstone on Earth. The color, durability, hardness and luster, all makes Sapphire a desirable.

In Pakistan, there is another kind of sapphire. Neelam Valley, in the Azad Kashmir region, is a 144 km long, thick forested area full of jaw-dropping wonders of nature. The name Neelum truly matches its namesake, sapphire.

At the banks of the Neelum River in Keran. —Marvi Soomro
image courtesy of DAWN

At about 13,000 ft above sea level, Neelum Valley is a giant tourist attraction of Pakistan and draws several hundred thousand visitors every year.

Click on the link below and see a sapphire, unlike any other you have ever seen before.

The Sapphire of Pakistan!


Neelum Valley: A song of splendour and separation



Disclaimer: Image above, entire text and all images in DAWN’s article are sole property of DAWN. I’m just sharing it.

6 thoughts on “The Sapphire Of Pakistan

  1. Thumbup February 8, 2016 / 9:35 PM

    Didn’t know you got water over there. Thought it was all desert!

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