Few More Black Quotes

Here some more black quotes of Hassan Nisar, a Pakistani columnist. I have translated them in English from Urdu to share it with you. Click here to check the first part I published few days ago.


black quotes

  • There is definitely a “murderer” behind every suicide.
  • The grayness of hair has nothing to do with the blackness of heart.
  • An empty pocket is always loaded with crimes.
  • An unimplementable law is like a beautiful but infertile woman.
  • There are two types of republic: one is like a mother, the other one is a like a step-mother.
  • Rejecting your idea doesn’t mean on any account that I’m rejecting you.
  • Where thinking dies, generations dies too.
  • A winner always focuses on his enemy’s goodness and on his own weakness.
  • If you are happy, then don’t over smile. If you are sad, then don’t over cry.
  • Anger and arrogance are two side of a coin.

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