Mix Plate #8

Valentine’s day on a Sunday!!

How more special can it get?

By enjoy today’s specials, of course

mix plate

Caribbean Sunrise
Just 2 words for a jaw dropping moment

How to plan a road trip in Southern Australia
Few handy tips for your next road in Australian outdoors

Loose Parts and Friendship
How little ones in Cindy’s class found out about when friends leave

Laugh at yourself
How a garden snake became a moment of a lifetime for two life long friends?

5 more quotes that should be mantras of your life
Five easy ways to change you life forever

A special Chinese cuisine for you

A Parable
A story of a young boy who became a hero for so many

5 Apps every New Yorker needs
Well, not just New Yorkers but everyone who is about to visit the Big Apple

Life Imitates Art Remake 2
Art and life, as told by people like you and me

Flower of the day: Dahlia
A special dahlia on a special day for you

Positive attitude towards life
How to find and understand the meaning of yourself in this world?


8 thoughts on “Mix Plate #8

    • camilledefleurville February 14, 2016 / 10:42 PM

      I am glad that this story has been reblogged once more. It would be great if the father might be able that his son is widely know, through the world nowadays. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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