Mix Plate #9

The world goes our way sometimes but most of the time, it doesn’t. We want things to happen the way we want it but that is not the case always.

We go through both good and bad times. We smile and cry. Sometime we fly high and sometimes we fall on the ground. Life is always about two opposite things.

mix plateBut you can enjoy more than just two things by checking today’s specials:

A colorful view of night skyline at Tampa

I’m So Sorry
Made a mistake at work and have no idea what to do? Check these handy tips

Spread Kindness
Just spread kindness and turn your day into a lovable one

Pacing the Palm Jumeirah….
Take a trip to Palm Jumeriah U.A.E

Cannon Street, London.
A remarkable snap of a remarkable street

What haunts you the most?

Us and balloons, not so different after all

Click on the link for your chance

Patrolling the Chicago River
A unlikely trip of Chicago river, in a police boat


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