Goodbye Murree!

Saying goodbye to someone we love is definitely not easy. Some real nerves are needed to handle the amount of tears we shed when such departure took place.

Obviously, you can relate the same feeling with a place you had just visited. As you have guessed it from the title, I’m talking about Murree again!

Zia's Trip (44)

So what more should I say about Murree?

I can’t say much now as let me just show you the last pictures my friend Zia shared with me of his trip.

Zia's Trip (45)

Some snowy trees on top

Zia's Trip (46)

When clouds cover up

Zia's Trip (48)

The forest goes dark!!

Zia's Trip (49)

And the darkness continues!!

Zia's Trip (52)

Phew! Back to light. Good!

Zia's Trip (53)

Chair lifts are available, so you can check the gorgeous views from up above

Zia's Trip (54)

An early morning shot

Zia's Trip (56)

That is not a boat!!

Zia's Trip (59)

Green, white, blue and red. Have a seat to enjoy all colors

Zia's Trip (60)

Keep shining there, buddy!!

Zia's Trip (61)

When green becomes white

Zia's Trip (62)

In the company of giants

Zia's Trip (63)

Lets play in white!

Zia's Trip (68)

Time to go home now!!


I thank you all for being part of this trip with me and Zia. Hopefully, we will share another adventure with you in future.



4 thoughts on “Goodbye Murree!

    • Hammad Rais February 29, 2016 / 2:39 PM

      Thank you for liking them and stopping by!!


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