Chenab: Pakistan’s River Of Love

A river creates so many stories while flowing from one place to another and helps in shaping lives of everyone in its path. It flourishes vast lands of crops and provide the basic necessity of life to everyone. Any river in the world holds a very special place in those hearts which it helps beating.

The Indus River of Pakistan comprises of several tributaries. Out of those tributaries, one such river is Chenab (which means moon water).

The journey of Chenab begins in the Jammu mountains from a small rivulet known as Chandrabhaga. This is located in the occupied Kashmir. The melting snow of the Himalayas, joins the rivulet, and thus the rivulet shapes up into a river. By the time it reaches the plains of Punjab Pakistan, Chandrabhaga changes its name to Chenab.

At the head, another river, Jhelum, joins in. As it goes further downstream, Sutlej and Ravi also joins Chenab. Then this mega river is absorbed by the great Indus River, which leads all these waters, towards the Arabian Sea. A 1,000 kilometer long journey that starts from the heights of world’s roof top, all the way to the depths of an ocean.

Today, we are joining the Chenab in its journey. A journey of love!!

Chenab: Pakistan’s river of love



Disclaimer: Images above, entire text and all images in DAWN’s article are sole property of DAWN. I’m just sharing it.

3 thoughts on “Chenab: Pakistan’s River Of Love

  1. vidishakaushik February 28, 2016 / 11:46 AM

    Beautiful. And enlightening.
    I do hope you’ll check out my blog too sometime soon. 🙂

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