Mix Plate #11

And here it is folks!

Another Friday!!

48 hours in our hands to relax our minds, enjoy time with family and doing our best to fix all the things that needed to be fix. [by this I only means kitchen sinks, table lamps, garage doors, lawn chairs, etc. If anything else is in need of fixing, please don’t wait. Go ahead and fix it. Put a smile on everyone’s face 🙂 ]

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!

Your ultimate guide towards the awesomeness of the average-ness

Chicken Teriyaki Bento
Try this healthy Japanese dish this weekend

End of Rainbow
A rainbow in a city

Inspirational Quotes to Brighten Your Day
A great collection to brighten up your everyday

Trials: Ice Cream Bread (with a bonus)!
A 2 ingredient dish. Yes you read that right!!

The Royal Path of Life
A simple story that grips you tightly

The greatest of all

How not to get dog bit
Few handy tips that could save your lives

This Or That? The Journey Goes On. 
It happens in a moment, when you have to decide for a yes or a no

A national print ad, shot in our house!
How do they shoot those commercials? Christine is here to tell you!

Baby, It’s Been Cold Outside
Some cold photos

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