Mix Plate #18

Tomorrow is April 1st, a day when so many try to act cool by making others fool. But I’m not here to make you fool because I know you are already cool!

Enjoy today’s specials!

mix plate

PARKROYAL Penang Resort
A review of a 5-star resort in Malaysia by Ruben Arribas.

Different Cultures, Different Bosses
How many you have worked under and what was your experience?

Magic Bus
What thoughts run in your mind when you wait for a bus?

White Pocket
In a no-man’s land, beauty goes sky high.

A trip to a castle from 11th century will change your mind about your current residence.

Welcome to a brand new day
We all have one favorite picture which lifts up our spirits like nothing else.

Photo 101, Weekend three: Camel racing….
Behind the scenes of a unique race from the deserts of Middle East.

Thanks, Ladies! Inventions by Women
Check out some great inventions by women.

Snake Island and a Cave
Don’t be afraid! There are no snakes on Snake Island, which is strange though.

App for a long flight
Long flight travelers can use this great app to keep the boredom away, that is in case they are travelling alone.

Anecdoche* – A Story about Saturday Nights
Are your Saturday nights are like this?

Making The Most of Your Job
Few simple tricks to a successful professional career.

3 Things That Make Life More Satisfying
A satisfying life is pure blessing.

I didn’t knew about this side of Barcelona and it completely blew me away.

Visit a museum where centuries old art and culture shines brightly.

5 Ways to Make Change Happen
Want to bring change in your life but don’t know how? Try out these.

If you love romantic movies then this is for you.

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