Mix Plate #20

Happy Sunday everyone!

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!

A to Z Challenge: B is for Beaches…
Summertime means more beaches and Vicky sure love beaches. Check out this great collection of hers.

How To Recover From Burnout
Pushing ourselves beyond the limit has its cons. But you can rely on these simple tips to get back to our own self.

Saturday Snapshots #6
Enjoy some great views of New England, through the lens of a British citizen.

6 Reasons Why You Should Un-follow My Blog
You have read so many reasons to follow a blog. Now it is time to do the opposite!

Balloons? Maybe Not
Some creative ideas on how to celebrate your special day in a unique way.

5Footway.inn Project Bugis – A review
Check out this review of 5Footway.inn hostel in Singapore. I highly recommend to add it in your list, if you have any plans of landing in Singapore.

Snapshot … Boulders Beach
A beach with nothing but boulders and penguins. Kim is taking us there!

Luxe London- City Guide
You have to read it to believe it!

How I Became A Doctor
This is pure madness and it is gripping our world fast.

D for Driving a Cab
Women cab drivers are gaining strength in places you won’t believe.

A to Z Challenge: D is for Dhow
An amazing collection of Arabic Dhow fishing vessels by Vicky.

Smart Snacking & Lunch-Packing for Work: Kiss Those Vending Machine Days Goodbye!
Healthy diet is essential for a hard working individual. You can do it smartly, right in your home.

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