It’s Dinnertime!

Dinnertime is special for everyone. It is one meal of the day when entire family sits together and enjoys a lovely meal with conversation. My dinnertime is also special for me and I look forward to it every night.

Let me show you some highlights:

This was taken back in 2014 when birthday of my Uncle’s son was celebrated. Why am I showing this? Because cake was cut right at dinnertime and instead of eating dinner, we all ate light snacks.


That’s my boy! Don’t worry he didn’t all that by himself. He was much more interested in playing with his Pepsi cup. This was taken when Uzair went to a mall with her mother back in 2014.


Here is a reminder from me! Better clean up all your barbecue equipment because summer is here and you know what it means.


8 thoughts on “It’s Dinnertime!

    • Hammad Rais April 16, 2016 / 9:36 AM

      🙂 You are most welcome!!


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