Mix Plate #24

Sunday is here again to relax us all. Enjoy your day off and do what you love to do.

Well, you should do that every day, not just on a Sunday 🙂

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!

Favourite Place, Charlottenburg Palace
Take a tour of Berlin’s largest palace.

Growing Up In The Negativity City
How much positive can you be when negativity is all around you?

A to Z Challenge: R is for Ranellidae
Meet one of the most marvelous creature from the sea world.

R for Rise Above
Getting back every time we fall is the best thing we do in our lives.

Alphabet of Travel Snaps: S for…
An amazing trip to America’s Finest City, thanks to Haylee.

10 Ways To Forget About A Bad Memory
We all have some. Big or small. Getting rid of them is very essential for us.

The ultimate guide to dine & drink in Munich #1
A must check-out guide for those who are planning a trip to Munich.

Travel Guide: Coron Palawan
Want to spend your holiday on an exotic island? Coron is one such place.

A Real Man
A daughter’s look on the life of her dad.

Five Common Marine Animal Harassment
Marine life is precious and delicate. Kindly avoid these 5 common mistakes during your next scuba diving or beach trip.

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