Mix Plate #26

Happy Sunday everyone!

I’m sure you all having a great time today. Well, not just today actually but for the rest of your life 🙂

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials


A to Z challenge: S is for Starfish…
They may not twinkle but there are so many other reasons for keep staring at them.

One day trip to Munich (Food, Drinks, Attractions) – GIVEAWAY CONTEST
How to enjoy Munich in a day?

Ten Destinations for the Solo Female Traveler
These 10 cities are best for females travelling solo. What about men?

Genuinely Healthy Avocado
Check of some great benefits of avocado.

Snapshot – Victoria Falls
Dive in the majestic Victoria Falls with Kim.

Ghost Ship
Don’t be afraid! There ain’t no ghost at Clatsop Spit. Or may be ….

Monday Window: Blue Souk, Sharjah…
Glare at the artistic windows of Blue Souk, Sharjah.

What Kind Of Worker Are You
Identify these characters next time you dine out in a restaurant.

Snapshot – Wadi Rum
There is an alien valley, right here on Earth!

W for Whistling Women
The brave women in a small district of Odisha, India, are taking matters in their own hands for a healthy life.

Being an Introvert – living in an Extroverted World
You do want to stay quite, away from the world and in the dark. But this can’t last for long.

55 Ways To Feel Better
The list is long but very helpful.

11 Simple Ways Of Being More Productive In Life
Add an extra in every major aspect of your life. Because you deserve it.



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