Please Help Our Momma!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and whole world will celebrate it. Mothers are very special for every loving kid, as I’m saying this because I love my Mom so very much.

I know you also!

But today, I found out about another mother who is not well and her 2 young sons are doing everything in their power to help their beloved mom. But they need our help too!

Please click on the link below and do your part.

I’m making this campaign really for my Mom and my twelve year old Brother. I’m 28 years old and although I wish that I were at a place in life where I had the financial freedom and fiscal responsibility to provide for my family in their time of need; unfortunately, I am ill equipped and what little money I make is barely able enough to meet my own needs; much less provide for the rest of my family.

Source: Help Our Momma!


Celebrate this Mother’s Day by bringing long lasting smiles on a mother’s face and her precious sons. As mothers are all the same and they all need our best of love.

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