Mix Plate #27

Hi there!

Weekend is here, which means only one thing: 2 very special days!

Enjoy the time with your loved ones and don’t forget to smile. It is very important.

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!

Why Humans Are Never Happy
Many of us are happy but some unlucky ones don’t find happiness, not matter what.

A Mother Endures
Without a doubt, a mother goes through so much entire life. This is one such story.

How to make a killer ~vegetable soup~
Yup, you can make a mean, green, healthy veggie soup in no time.

12 Tips To Walk You Towards Happiness
And they all start with a single step!

Don’t Let Them Control Your Life
You should be the only person to drive your life. There is no room for another.

8 Ways To Create a Positive Day From Your Morning Routine
Start up your day in a positive way, as soon as you jump out of your bed.

Z Is For Zoo
Enjoy a lovely sunny day at New York’s Central Park Zoo, courtesy of Cynthia.

Let’s Play A Game
A simple game with not so simple results.

7 of the most ridiculous reasons to call in sick when you’re really abroad
Want to stay on your vacations like forever? Don’t make these excuses at all.

Balinese Young Artists
Check out some cute young artists from Denpasar Festival in Bali.


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