Mix Plate #29

Hello there!

It’s Friday again and we are back. Long time no specials serving, so without further ado….

mix plate

Enjoy today’s specials!


Crystal Rhodies
Visit a place in Portland, Oregon where you can find peace, beauty, color and so much more.

Relationship Advice – Men Only – The Hidden Gem Behind Mood Rings
Are you engaged or married? Got a girlfriend or boyfriend? Then mood rings are the best gift you can give to your beloved. Trust me on this!

First Impressions of Tanzania
These impressions of that little country in Africa are spot on.

Why You Need A Vision Board
Start organizing your life, visually.

Sshhh…Look and Listen
How a puppy got his name? A simple trick for all of us.

I Write Because
We all have our reasons. Some are same and some aren’t.

A-Z Challenge Reflections
26 letters, almost 26 amazing places of the world. What a journey!

26 Prompts For A Blogging Writer’s Block
Some great tips when you find yourself in a corner.

Dr Judy
Remembering a lifetime of a unique friendship.

What Do I Say
When two worlds collide, the result is always painful.

17 Things To Thank Your Best Friend For
Do say thanks to them and do so whenever you get the chance.


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