Edhi – Against All Odds

An illiterate  man with no riches and fortune sat up an empire of humanitarian services for a whole country.


Starting up with just a make shift medical dispensary, that man not only treated the ill, but also became roof on the heads of orphans, a father of countless abandoned infants and hope for those in suffering, no matter where they are.

That man also managed to setup world’s largest fleet of ambulance service, which is entirely running on donations. Be it natural disasters or man-made tragedies, that man was the first to help out those in need, never looking at the color of their skin or the believes in their mind.

The name of that man is Abdul Sattar Edhi and today, he is not among us anymore.

But his legacy will continue. His name will bring hope and smiles across millions. He will wiping out those tears of suffering, illness and pain, even though he is not around.

Many live and go, without doing much. Very few live on forever!

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