You Can’t Fly Like A Bird

The small window on the wall gave her some sense about life outside. That’s all she can rest her eyes upon. Those colorless walls made her life colorless but she doesn’t knew about it because she hadn’t seen any color other than yellow sunshine or blue sky or white clouds.

That small window which was kind of a lifeline to her!

The room had no door and she had no idea how she ended up there. The count of days she had spent there has no meaning to her. Her cries for help to the outside world didn’t passed through those walls.

Her little dark world turned colorful everyday when bright sunlight passed through the window. Her mind painted a blissful world of happiness and wonders, thanks to those few moments of brightness. Clear blue sky and bright yellow sun gave her hope beyond anything else.

Once a tiny bird flew through the window and turned her world upside down. She tried to catch it but the bird flew out, with his wings wide open. Thus igniting a spark in her heart about flying to the limits of sky one day. Her weakening soul started to returned back to life.

Then one day, her eyes open to a sight she dreamed about every night. Instead of thin beam of morning sunshine, the whole room was filled up with light. As if someone has hanged a slice of sun above it. The brightness was strong for her eyes and mind as they weren’t familiar with it.

A moment later, she opened her eyes again and a gust of morning air made her realized that she is no more caged up. She stood up on her trembling feet and gave one last look to the dark world she was about to leave forever. She finally stepped out into the vastness of freedom.

Not many noticed her as she started to walk around. The town was full of people and everyone was busy in what they were doing. People didn’t paid much attention to her but she looked at them with amazement. She laughed for the first time probably and didn’t stopped. Few heads looked upon her but they turned back to their doings.

Upon hearing a familiar sound, she looked up and saw that little bird. She wasn’t sure as if it was the same or another one but that sound turned that old “flying to the limits of sky” spark into a flame. That bird flew above her with full open wings. She then opened up her arms and thought about nothing but flying like that little bird.

As she closed her eyes, the gentle breeze wrapped her up. She felt so light and wished from the bottom of her heart to stay like this forever. She heard nothing but sounds of pure blissfulness and that made her feel like flying so high.

In those blissful moments, her ears heard tiny screaming voices. Upon opening her eyes, the world seemed small to her. Before the next second strike all the clocks in the world, she realized that she is actually flying.

Yes, she was flying. Like that little bird!

As soon as someone on ground saw her flying and shouted out, all heads turned towards the sky. Many started to cheer her up while others can’t believe their eyes. After all, no one has ever flown before because nobody knew that they can. And now, one of their kind was flying high above. But some people didn’t liked it and they called upon her to get her feet back on ground. She ignored them up completely and kept on flying as if she was born as a bird.

But she didn’t knew that unlike birds, humans can’t fly for long.

After many moments of blissfulness, each of which enjoyed by her to the perfection, she realized that she will plunge down below. That moment was approaching fast to her and no one down below seemed to help her out. Little while ago, they were cheering for her, applauding for the marvel she had accomplished. But even they stepped back when she was plunging towards the ground. No helping hand was raised that day.

All that raised was nothing but ashes and dust.


This post was inspired by Kunal Thakore’s  MA SHAKTI


Added for The Daily Post’s Believe, RDP Saturday – BIRD, Word Of The Day Challenge – Freedom




9 thoughts on “You Can’t Fly Like A Bird

  1. Natalie August 15, 2016 / 10:44 PM

    Some people aren’t around when you need them — a powerful message. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hammad Rais August 15, 2016 / 11:07 PM

      Thank you very much for reading it out!


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