How To Boldly Go To The Final Frontier?

Sometimes I envy ants. They are so organized and perform acts of unbelievable feat, despite their tiny size. They get their required job done, no matter what. I’m sure words like difficult, problematic, impossible, failure or many more such words aren’t part of their dictionary, if they have one.


The world is full of ants and it shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone to understand that they can outnumber humans with a huge margin. I also wonder what if, through some modern scientific breakthrough or as an act of nature, ants become as intelligent as humans.

Right now, humans are more intelligent than any other life form on Earth but does that really makes us superior? Most of us think that way and this has given nothing but trouble to the whole world. Yes I’m human and I’m complaining about the very life form I belong to. But I’m doing so because there is no one else to blame for all the troubles in the world right now.

Got off grid for a while here, didn’t I. What I meant was what if one we wake up in morning and find out that ants are now as intelligent as you and me. They want to talk to us about what we are doing to the world they are also a part of and they really don’t like how we are handling things around here. A suggestion from them about taking over the world might make us ROFL, because they are small and we are big and we have all sort of imaginable pesticides in our homes. So that would really be a big joke for us.

But what if they talk with us about searching and exploring new worlds. Why am I saying this? Because ants are so good at this. They are doing so for millions of years (99 million as per Wikipedia), so naturally searching and exploring is in their genes. And after they found out how actually big the universe is, they would certainly ask for handling our space program to them.

Ants in Space! (can this be an idea for a new blockbuster movie?)

And I would really say yes to that idea as I believe ants will do a great job.

Why? Because:

1. They communicate brilliantly within.
2. They defend themselves and their whole community as one single unit (does this ring any bell in your human ear?)
3. Their learning capabilities are superior from any other known mammals.
4. They live like a single unit too.
5. They can cultivate food very intelligently.
6. You can’t question their navigation skills (very important factor in space exploration this is).
7. Have you ever seen how well organized they move together, from one place to another?
8. Also, you can’t question about their cooperating skills with others in their community (FYI, bell is still ringing)
9. They help out others lifeforms like no other (okay, the bell is now broken).

You see, these points do prove that ants are great for space exploration and I’m not kidding. We should let them if one day they ask us for this because this world is being so ruined up by humans now and to live and prosper, new worlds should be found.

Humans are putting their best effort in space exploration and more but not as they should and this is why I say ants are best for this job.


P.S. This post was written today (September 8th, 2016) to commemorate 50th anniversary of first Star Trek: The Original Series episode airing. Wikipedia dedicated his whole main page to Star Trek today by featuring different articles and links, so I felt like I should do something too about this on my blog.

Also, entire text on this article is for humorous purpose only and non shall be taken seriously. Apart from those 9 points, they are real. Like really real!


Added for The Daily Post’s Astonish, RDP Monday: BOLD



3 thoughts on “How To Boldly Go To The Final Frontier?

  1. Raj Krishna October 24, 2016 / 6:59 PM

    great post..thanks for sharing..

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