A Night Walk In Karachi

Not everything is okay in Karachi. There are areas in city which are eligible to participate in Beverly Hills lookalike contest, if such contest exists. And some areas (or should I say many) are not so lucky. Call it ignorance by people or government’s lack of interest, problems in Karachi are towering high every passing day and this is not good at all.

But despite all this, life is flourishing here, as per Karachi standard that is. Days are bright and warm while nights are alive with lights and colors. Sometime, I really want to see the night life of Karachi in its full spectrum, but lack of free time constrains me up.

To my delight today, I saw this great post by The Karachi Walla as he toured the Marwari Lines in Saddar Town one night recently. One of the oldest areas in Karachi, it is populated mostly by Muslim Marwari community who are expert stonemasons.

A glimpse of life from long gone days can be found in this area and that is the real beauty of Karachi.

City Walk – Around Marwari Lines



image above courtesy of The Karachi Walla

touring pakistan

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