A Dose Of Fun In Learning

No more fun and games!

Well, okay just a little amount certainly won’t hurt anyone but time is now here to focus more on study and learning new things.

That’s right!

Uzair is now learning alphabets and numbers in school now and this feels like a challenge for both me and Jia, unlike anything we have faced earlier together.

Now I’m not saying raising up a child is hard or there is no fun in it. It is a mixture of many things and parents gets exposure to all as children grow up, experiencing life and the world they live in.

Before April 2016, Uzair’s daily activities was just about playing as much as he can, sleeping as long as he can and doing all those things you can associate with any two year old. But now he is three years old and in school. He is following a routine now which wasn’t part of his life earlier and I do know that sometimes, he doesn’t like getting up early in morning or repeating at home what he learned in school. He loves his school very much and enjoys spending time there.

But these days, he isn’t feeling the same back at home when Jia and I sit with him for a little study session. This is happening probably because me or Jia are unable to provide him the fun-filled environment, which he loves in school, at our home. Of course, he loves to play around the house with all his toys but when it comes to studying, he doesn’t find it as much attractive as playing.

Which brings me to the point that fun should be a big part of learning process, regardless of age. We never stop learning at any stage of our life (except when we sleep, right?) and gain so much knowledge that we later uses in our daily routine without even thinking about it learning it in the first place. But adding up a dose of fun in the learning surely helps us in ways we can’t even imagine and it gives our learning a unique edge.

And as far as bringing fun in Uzair’s learning is concerned, it is not going as I was expecting it to be but I’m trying. Jia is also trying (more than me I admit) as we know how much crucial this stage is for Uzair.

Not only for him, but also for his parents.

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