A Hot Cup Of Kashmiri Tea

What a day it has been for the world, isn’t it?

Don’t worry! I’m not dragging you back in the mud because it is all over now and the world already knows who is the winner. In case you have no idea what am I talking about, then switch over to the news channel and try to soak as much as you can.

Meanwhile, may I present to you a soothing cup of hot Pink Kashmiri Tea with pistachios and almonds, something that is just right for the fall season and works like magic for tiresome minds?

Kashmiri tea is very popular in Pakistan during winter season as it blends tea with dry fruits in such a perfect way. Sipping a hot cup of Kashmiri tea during long winter nights while chatting with family or friends is something I look forward to.

Many thanks to Sumayya for an easy but awesome recipe. Do try it out as you really need it.


Kashmiri pink chai with ground pistachios and almonds


image above courtesy of My Tamarind Kitchen





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