It Happened One Hot Day

The sight of a store ahead
Was surely a beacon of life

Walking for so long
His body was about to giveup

Scorching sun kept on pounding
As breeze seemed to be on break

After so long, a sign appeared
A jolt of life for dying senses

He paced up his steps
With all what was left

The door was wide open
As he was expected there

His wiped his blurry eyes
And looked around

A bright white fridge
At the end of isle

Full of juicy wonders
For his dried throat

One after one
Empty boxes fell on floor

His senses returned to normal
Blurred vision faded away too

Mind finally got at ease
As he took a deep breath

Looking at litter below his feet
He noticed something strange

He picked an empty box
And read what it said:

Petit ange, chiot, jus
Saveur de fraise

With a confused mind
He walked to the counter

The cashier gave him a look
As if he was out from this world

He held the box in his hands
And translated out:

Little angel puppy juice
Strawberry flavor!



For The Daily Post’s Juicy, Blur, Translate

Added for RDP Friday – Confusion



2 thoughts on “It Happened One Hot Day

  1. Patty February 21, 2017 / 5:21 PM

    The end…I didn’t see that coming, love it!

    Liked by 1 person

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