How Much You Can Show Off?

I know, I know!

World of today can’t live without depending on smart gadgets. They have changed not only our lives but our way of thinking and making judgement about what is right or wrong. Global tech giants invest billions each year to place their latest innovative products in our hands, promising brighter future for us in ways we can’t imagine ourselves, which may sound “so unbelievably amazing” to many, I sometime feels the other way.

image courtesy of Apple

The picture you see above is of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s, Apple’s latest smartphones which were released last year. This device is sleek, stylish and can do so much for you, beside making phone calls or texting or taking photos or browsing web. But I’m not here to talk about the features of this device.

Allow me to show you the level of craziness this device has induced in some people:

Exhibit-A: Wang Sicong

Wang Sicong is son of a Chinese billionaire, Wang Jialin. He owns a pup named Coco whom he loves very much. How much you may ask? Well, last year when iPhone 7s hit the markets, Wang Sicong bought not just one or two or three but eight (yes, 8) brand new iPhone 7s models for his precious Coco, who is a pup I remind you.

The total value of those eight iPhone 7s was above $7,600 USD, which may be like dust on the wealth of Wang Jialin.

And what better way to blew off such dust?

Buy eight iPhone 7s for your pup!

You can read the full story here: The son of a Chinese billionaire bought his dog eight iPhone 7s

Exhibit-B: Shakul Gupta

Ah, Valentine’s Day! When roses turn more red and hearts go wilder than any other day on the calendar. Sure we have our own ways to celebrate this day, many go extra miles, to get the love they desire. In Shakul Gupta’s case, he got five.

The CEO and founder of, which was inaccessible when I writing this post, decided to use the power of Facebook for this Valentine’s Day. For his simple question of “Who wants to be my Valentine?”, he received responses from over 2,000 applicants. And sorry I forgot, Shakul Gupta also shared snaps of his wealth, his Audi and promised a gift of iPhone 7 for the lucky lady.

But this Indian was certainly thinking out of the box (was it a chocolate box he ate while he sat lonely in his mansion?), when he assigned his team of professionals to sift through the entire 2,000 applications and pick 5 best lucky Valentine Day dates for him. The team didn’t disappointed their boss and five lucky ladies enjoyed an evening of the dreams as Shakul Gupta took them to a lavish dinner in his Audi and gifted each of them with a brand new iPhone 7.

I wondered what legacy will those 5 ladies will carry with them. That they dated a guy one Valentine Day and received an iPhone as a gift. Yeah, that would be something to write down in history books.

You can read the full story here: Loaded dude crowdsources his Valentine’s date, takes out ‘best five girls’ for lavish dinner

Now, I’m not blaming iPhone 7 or iPhone 7s here at all. These devices are great and they help us a lot to survive in today’s world but to the extent some individuals show to the rest of the world of how can they get on top of list of craziness, is beyond my understanding.


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6 thoughts on “How Much You Can Show Off?

  1. Patty February 21, 2017 / 5:26 PM

    It is indeed ridiculous!
    Last weekend there was a new store opened in Amsterdam, were you can buy jackets and shoes for 100.000 euro…Ridiculous, I tell you…just ridiculous!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hammad Rais February 21, 2017 / 9:20 PM

      100€ 😨
      This is indeed so ridiculous. The world isn’t short of those for whom 100€ is like a drop from a tank of their wealth.

      Liked by 1 person

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