Are You Efficient Enough?

Am I an efficient person?

frustration on multi-tasking
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Yes, up to the extents of my own capabilities, I’m efficient and the same can be applied to you also. But few living souls of this very world (aka my workplace supervisors) consider it otherwise.

They would normally consider you as an “Efficient One” if you can handle so many tasks simultaneously, which are even hard to count and that too without raising an eyebrow. And if you can still bear the load of a new one on your back, without asking for anything else in return, then considered yourself to be labeled as “The One”.

And honestly speaking, I hate such individuals!

For me, efficiency is not about being able to do so much in very limited amount of time. Yes, I totally understand that many can do so without any kind of hesitation but those who can’t shouldn’t be expected to perform the same way.

If you can perform a task in an orderly way, without any issue, then you are an efficient person.

At least for me!

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6 thoughts on “Are You Efficient Enough?

  1. camilledefleurville May 3, 2017 / 8:18 PM

    When I read the beginning of your blog I was afraid for one short moment that you were going to applaud “efficiency” as you describe it considered by The Powers of your enterprise or ours, come to it. I am glad you do not and do not agree with this kind of dehumanization. Which makes me think of my honorary nephew and his school. Have you and Jia found one he will be able to attend to after the Montessori one and where competition will not be the motto?

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    • Hammad Rais May 3, 2017 / 10:43 PM

      Well, we have 2 more years until we find a suitable school for Uzair. The search is already on and the process will mentally squeeze the three of us, I’m afraid. There are only handful of schools in Karachi which are considered as good ones. Few of them are totally out of range as I can’t afford their high fee structure. Remaining ones are on the other side of city, about 90 minutes drive from home, but they have their own transportation system, so its a relief. A cousin of mine attended one such school and his parents are constantly telling me and Jia to enroll Uzair in that school. It is a good one, no doubt in that but one must clear their entry test first. For which Uzair and his parents have 2 more years to prepare.

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    • camilledefleurville May 4, 2017 / 5:08 PM

      Is it one of those schools where the children have a lot to learn to be competitive and pass a highly difficult exam before they start learning? I remember Uzair’s cousins had to work hard and long some months ago. No alternative?

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    • Hammad Rais May 4, 2017 / 11:18 PM

      I can termed it as that one school but they aren’t that tough. Uzair’s cousin got enrolled in one school where he cleared the test. He gave test in 3 different schools in total. Jia and my mother are focusing on my cousin’s school, rather than putting Uzair and ourselves in the fast lane of perfect school searching.

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