Post I Like: A Female Foreigners Guide To Dressing In Iran

As I read out Ellen Burne‘s latest post, which is a dress code guide for those female foreigners especially who are planning to make a trip to Iran, I started to realized that this guide can be used up a reference for not only Iran, but for other Islamic countries as well.

And the very first name that pop up in my mind is none other than my own, Pakistan!

As majority of population in both Iran and Pakistan consists of Muslims, you will see women performing everyday tasks, whether in their homes or in offices or doing shopping, in attires which may baffle up some foreigners.

In urban areas, you will notice diversity as some may cover up their head, or even their whole self, and some may not. Even in some areas of big cities, you may find women wearing sleeveless shirts or even skinny outfits and shorts, though count of such individuals is very low.

And if you want to see countless wonders of nature in Pakistan, then you must travel to rural and tribal areas where women wear traditional clothing according to their local customs.

Some may find local dress code bit conservative but here in Pakistan, this is what women love to wear as it dignifies their personality and builds up their self-esteem.

You can read about Ellen Burne’s guide by clicking below:

Source: A Female Foreigners Guide To Dressing In Iran



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