The One Who Shines The Most

It’s the biggest, most brightest of them all!

No matter my day goes by, whenever I look up above the sky during the day and let in the entire awesomeness it is holding, I feel like as if there is nothing else.

Nothing to worry about and ponder over worldly things I go through everyday. For few mere moments, I feel like I’m all alone in this big, wide world, just looking up in the sky with a blank head.

This feeling of mine always escalate especially during a sunrise or sunset and it grabs my full attention, as I let myself filled up with one of nature’s most wondrous sights.


Little patches of clouds didn’t mind becoming an army for the sun here.


Here is a little dissolving up in the sky!

Scenes like such are rare in my town, so almost everyday I look up in the sky to take myself off from the normal track of life.

For moments that are shiny
I wait for their arrival
So I can escape the norms
Even just for mere moments


For The Daily Post’s Ooh, Shiny!

Added for RDP Tuesday: Pomp




13 thoughts on “The One Who Shines The Most

  1. Miriam August 21, 2017 / 3:24 AM

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, both your pictures and words Hammad. Thank you for adding some rays of sunshine to my grey morning. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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