Windows To The Unknown

An opening to worlds,
Unknown and unseen,
Is furnished by windows!

And especially if you are traveling, whether high in the skies or on a long road down below. The majestic views of lands unknown one can spot from inside of their vehicles on such trips is truly refreshing for both mind and soul.

And I’m feel very much glad that I filled up my mind and soul in 2017 with such views from different windows, like:


Looking down below from an airplane window towards a land which I haven’t seen before (apologies for the reflection).


And looking down below from probably the same height during the day.


Look up from down below is meaningful, especially from a window of moving vehicle.


You can see the long and wide open road ahead.


And you will also see turns around every corner.

Windows are very useful indeed. Make sure you look out through one to expand your mind and soul.


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