Post I Liked: A Book Bazaar On Wheels

What books are to mind is what food and water to body.

Beside being the source of knowledge and wisdom, books also pave away countless paths in front of us, onto which we can travel to lands unknown or dive into the minds of characters that doesn’t exist for real.

In recent years, occurrence of literature festivals and book fairs has increased in Karachi, mainly thanks to the stable condition of law and order. People are participating more and more in such events, thus bridging the gap between books and minds.

image courtesy of The Karachi Walla

And for avid book lovers, who are in constant search of old and new, there are several markets in the city where books from all genres are available on reasonable rates. I love to stroll in such markets but because of time constraint, I can’t.

The Karachi Walla visited one such market recently where books are for sale on carts. He has shared his experience, along with some nice snaps. Click on the link below to check them out:

City Landmarks – The Book Bazaar on Wheels



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