Post I Liked: Of The Man Who Hasn’t Died Yet

Is it good to cling on to the memories and objects from the past?

A debatable subject this sure is. Many among us look forward always in their life and don’t want any hooks from their past to distract them from their destination. On the hand, there are those who cherish their past as a priceless artifact.

We may find objects from past in their possession, as for them such items are like time capsules. Hold them up in your hand and you find yourself in your past, when time and world were both simple.

image courtesy of The Karachi Walla

The Karachi Walla recently met an old fella, who still possess old age radios, turntables, records and other antiques from an era when news used to travel on the air and music was played on heavy boxes with spinning wheels. That collection is rusting away as time is passing by, which is kind of sad.

You can check out more snaps of that old fella’s collection by clicking on the link below:

Personal Spaces – Of the man who has not died yet


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