Bridging For Fun

As distance got wider, the amount of fun increased.

The very sole purpose of bridges is to lessen up the distance between two far away points. That is why they are created on roads and highways across the world, so that people can reach their destination as early as possible.

But as Frank Jansen mentioned in his Tuesday Photo Challenge for this week, word bridge can also be use as a verb. So, when I thought about bridges from that perspective, I recalled a very special moment from 2016.

My whole family and I enjoyed a fun filled day at the beach back in October 2016. A long over-due picnic for us, we all spent a fun-filled day under the sun and water. It was the very first seaside picnic for new family members (my son, my nephew and nieces), so they definitely had a time of their life.

After about 3 pm, waves started to fall back, giving us more room to have more fun. Both Abdullah (my nephew) and Uzair started to walk around the wide open beach and I followed them up, with my camera in my hand of course.


At one point, they decided to chase me around, so I ran away from them in backward mode. It was then I captured this snap:


As you can see, they loved the idea of chasing me around on a wide empty beach. And to capture the fun they were having, I ran backwards, pointing my camera towards them. The more I widened the gap, the more they enjoyed chasing me up.

So, now you know how to bridge up more to increase the amount of fun, to make some moments truly memorable.

This is my entry for Frank Jensen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Bridge


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10 thoughts on “Bridging For Fun

  1. calmkate September 9, 2019 / 1:14 PM

    Lovely memories you were able to capture Hammad … all kids love a game 🙂


    • Hammad Rais November 16, 2017 / 10:20 PM

      Yes indeed. But more than that, they enjoyed playing in water, without any restrictions. And yes, we do kept the watchful eye on them the whole time.


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