A Story About Old Stairs

A look at the old stairs I climb everyday.

Well, almost everyone in my home does the same, so there is nothing special about this. But I do feel something about them because these cemented stairs ease up my access to relaxation and comfort when I return home after a stressful day at workplace.

Home Stairs 2017:02:18 16:32:13

Similarly, when I have to reach the world outside my home, these stairs are the starting point of my journey.

And apart from ascending and descending, these old stairs also acts as playground for Uzair and his cousins in home, just like they were for me when I was a kid.

You may also climb up and down the same stairs everyday, either in your home or somewhere else. Have you ever thought about them like this? They do play an important part in our lives, paving the way for the journeys we embark upon on daily basis.

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P.S. Yes, I do watch the kids over whenever they are playing on the stairs at home 🙂


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