One Little Bucket

It all starts with a drop!

With sun glaring down furiously during the summer in Ramadan and water supply isn’t up to the normal level, some measures were needed to be taken.

Enter the little bucket!

This little bucket can really do wonders. A quick way to not only cool up yourself on a hot summer day but to also save ample amount of water by avoiding to bath under the shower.

Even Uzair also love to bath using this bucket now as he asks for it. Honestly speaking, I didn’t realized earlier how much water goes into waste whenever I bathed under the shower. Though I don’t keep the tap on constantly, the water falling out of shower head is not small in quantity.

Water is definitely the most precious thing for us and everyday, we waste heavy amount of it. But using simple and effective methods, like this one bucket bath, you can save water for not only other useful things in your home but for rest of the world too.

Try it out if you haven’t because water is life for us and every single drop matters.

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