Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rows In Jungle

Hunt or get hunted!

One rule for every jungle.

This fits so perfectly, not only for animals, but for us also, the social animals of this planet.

This big rocky world is indeed a jungle really. No matter how much we modernize it up with all the latest advancements we can possibly think of, this one rule will always remain the #1 survival instinct for us.

Take a look at this:


A row of parked motorbikes on a street this certainly is but there is more to it.

Every morning, many people in Karachi start up their motorbikes, to go out and earn a livelihood for themselves and their families. They reach their offices, park up their motorbikes in the street and step inside their offices, to survive another day in a jungle like environment where big corporations and organizations are no less ferocious than beasts of the wild animal kingdom.

Some of them will turn into hunters as time and circumstances change up their instincts. To stay alive, they will do whatever they can.

Welcome To The Jungle!


This is my entry of Frank Jansen’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Row



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