A New Hat On My Head

Just one more hat!

VI'IV Films original logo

Wearing too many hats is not good, in any meaning. Speaking about myself, I’m definitely not accustomed with it. So I just do what I can, with my best capabilities.

Despite believing and saying so, there’s a little itch inside of me. You know, that particular itch which constantly begs us to wear another hat on our heads.

That another hat about I’m referring to is short film making!

This may sound surprising to those who constantly follow me on my blog where I share my photo challenges entries on almost daily basis, along with random thoughts and feelings and much more. All of which I genuinely consider my weird mind’s output.

For all the encouragement I’ve received on my blog from you is something I can’t explain in words properly. For what I’ve received in the form of likes and comments in past 3+ years of blogging is beyond overwhelming and I’m so much grateful to each and everyone of you for this.

Keeping this in mind, beside that little itch I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to turn my dream of short film making into reality, something I wanted to do for so long. So very much long in fact!

You may ask me why? Why in the world am I doing this?

Well, we all like to tell our stories to the world and read what rest of the world is telling us. You and many others are reading my stories on this blog for quite sometime now and I’ve decided to take my below-than-below-average story telling ability to a new level.

So, earlier this week, I created a YouTube channel by the name of VI:IV Films for this very purpose. The reason for choosing Roman numerical VI and IV as my channel name holds two meanings:

  1. Both numbers VI and IV are reflection of each other. Either as (VI:IV) or as (IV:VI), both of them will always be each other’s reflection if placed side by side.
  2. This one is quite interesting (in my opinion at least): My name comprises of 6+4 letters (Hammad Rais). In Roman numerical form, 6+4 = VI+IV, whose reflective meaning I’ve already explained in point #1 🙂

So, here I’m proudly presenting to you and rest of the world, the very first short film by VI:IV Films:

Once Upon A Summer

Unable to play? Click here to open it in a new window

This short film is about couple of kids having fun in an indoor play area one summer afternoon. And for my blog followers, you will spot a very familiar face in the film 🙂

Thanks for watching my very first attempt on something I really wanted to for so long. I will share more short films on my blog here in coming days, so stay tuned 🙂



7 thoughts on “A New Hat On My Head

  1. calmkate October 6, 2018 / 2:36 AM

    Very sweet Hammad to see children at play and you’ve added such joyful music from Ben, well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hammad Rais October 6, 2018 / 8:26 AM

      Thank you so very much Kate for watching this up. I recently found out about Bensounds.com and I’m now hooked to it. Will use their royalty free music for my future projects.

      Liked by 1 person

    • calmkate October 6, 2018 / 1:06 PM

      good idea as it was very well matched Hammad, good luck in your new project 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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