A Taste Of Everything

Back to the waves!

Well, not just because of going through average 35º C temperature these days in Karachi but also because of what’s happening around in life.

Looking at the giant sea from beach makes me wonder about how much I can grasp it.


I can probably walk a little further and bask myself in the mightiness, becoming a part of sea for a minute or two.

Or I can just walk over the waves, thinking about all the steps I’ve taken in past and where they had taken me.

Whether basking or stepping, the waves are just like the starting point of what lies ahead in life. One should always be prepared for the unseen and unexpected.




2 thoughts on “A Taste Of Everything

    • Hammad Rais April 9, 2019 / 4:00 PM

      And I will take my time 🙂


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