Re-posting: Wrong Balloon Popping

I try to stay calm, despite the difficulties!

Because my calm reply will ensure peacefulness for not just mine own self but also for those around me.

But once in a while, things go in directions I literally want to avoid because such things aren’t in my control.

And so, I express my feelings in the form of words on my blog.

What I went through in past 24 hours because of a workplace assignment is reminding me about a post I published back in 2015 in which shared my feelings about people on higher levels, who are very good at what they do, but how they actually interact with someone like me, is bizarre and weird.

Have you ever popped a balloon??

Can you tell me the exact amount of time that balloon took to burst??

Answer to question #1 is Yes but for question #2, I suppose you have no clue. Heck even I don’t. But it was fun, right? Popping a big balloon in a birthday party and watching those little kids, covering up their ears and begging you not to do it, is fun. Right?

Click on the link below to read more:


Wrong Balloon Popping




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