A Rainy Monday

Showers finally!

Starting from early morning today, July 29th 2019, Karachi finally received the much awaited monsoon rains.

It’s a been quite a while for a city of more than 14.5 million individuals to have a full fledged monsoon system over its sky, so we are considering it as a big blessing.

Local meteorological department started to issue warnings about the system earlier and people were anxiously waiting for it. Drizzling took place in some parts of the city during weekend but starting this morning, rainfall finally hit the city.

And it is not showing any sign of slowing down and people of Karachi are feeling jubilant.

After I reached my workplace in morning, rainfall started up and continued till I left.

I didn’t took my smartphone with me to office, so I was unable to capture any snaps but people on Twitter shared many amazing snaps of a lovely Monday rainfall.

Check them out below:

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