Photo For The Week Challenge – Shapes Of Water

The simplest of all is a wonder on its own!

So, how many shapes water can take?

Well, it actually depends upon what shape do we actually want it to take.

For example:


In the form of tiny rain drops from sky above.


Or crashing furiously with the rocks, reminding us about the power it holds within.


The calmness water offers to us is truly magical.


And sometimes, it can also entertain us.


As water’s vastness is undoubtedly nature’s best.


For Bren (Ryan-Photography)’s Photo for the Week – 48 – Water




2 thoughts on “Photo For The Week Challenge – Shapes Of Water

  1. Bren (Ryan-Photography) December 3, 2019 / 5:23 PM

    Beautiful… Love how you captured the rain drops xx Many thanks for entering the challenge xx


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